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Welsh writers share the bardic tradition with stories and adventures written for over a millenium. Today we can enjoy story telling in many formats and this celtic skill has adopted the new mediums. Wales has produced some of the finest poets, novelists and even screen writers in history. Explore out list of Welsh writers to find Dylan Thomas, Alexander Cordell, Craig Thomas, Dick Francis, Bertrand Russell, Ian Hislop and may many more!

Gore Vidal, writer with a Welsh connection?

Gore Vidal Writer, commentator on politics and current affairs. Screen writer of the block-buster movie Ben Hur. He was born in West Point in America and had a succesful yet controversial career. Vidal's Welsh connection is remote and yet to be confirmed. He died  on 1st August 2012, at eighty six years of age.

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Sarah Waters, writer, Neyland, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire

Sarah Waters "We are indeed amused" - With painstaking research, humour and good old fashioned story telling Sarah has brought the Victorians back to life. She's introduced a whole new generation to this fascinating period with her first three books ‘Tipping the Velvet’, ‘Affinity’ and ‘Fingersmith’. Sarah was born in Neyland, Pembrokeshire in 1966, and went to school there before going to university.

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Tristan Jones, sailing author

Tristan Jones Author of sixteen books describing his travels around the globe. Arguably one of the best loved icons of 20th century nautical literature, the enigmatic Mr Jones. Tristan thrilled his readers with sixteen books of adventures on seas and rivers, and hundreds of magazine articles. Although he passed away from a stroke in Thailand in 1995, his books remain in print in Britain and in America.  

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