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Alexander Cordell

Author of various books depicting life in Welsh communities.

Connection: Wrote 'The rape of The Fair Country' and other books based on facts relating to Wales.
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the last of cordells welsh trilogy song of the earth we see the evans family in a hopeless struggle against oppressive coal masters, unions and just to make matters worse, disease!

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comment by:Catmandu
Alexander Cordell was born in a military family in Ceylon. He was born George Alexander Graber. After 'Rape of the fair country' he wrote many other books, 'Hosts of Rebecca', 'Song of the Earth', 'Moll', 'The love that god forgot'. I am currently collecting his work and am trying to compile a full list. The biography written by Mike Buckingham and Richard Frame is a must for any one interested in this author.

comment by:Lughna
I am interested in the biography of Alexander Cordell as we have Cordell's by marriage in our family line and I am wondering if there is a connection.

comment by:willnotbesilen
I am from Blaenavon, I've been reading 'Rape of the fair country'. It is the best book I have ever read. The theme of this book is still current, Blaenavon is still deprived even though we have been granted world heritage status. Worse still, our local amenities such as our leisure centre and swimming pool are to be demolished!

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prelude to 'rape of the fair country' his masterpiece 'this proud and savage land' rounds the story as only a genuius like cordell could.

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an historical saga inspired by the merthyr tydfil riots of 1831 and the subsequent execution of dic penderyn, the first welsh martyr of the working class!

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