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Welsh writers share the bardic tradition with stories and adventures written for over a millenium. Today we can enjoy story telling in many formats and this celtic skill has adopted the new mediums. Wales has produced some of the finest poets, novelists and even screen writers in history. Explore out list of Welsh writers to find Dylan Thomas, Alexander Cordell, Craig Thomas, Dick Francis, Bertrand Russell, Ian Hislop and may many more!

Jack London, writer with a Welsh connection!

Jack London Author of numerous stories, romantic adventures with realistic setting and character. In 1900, the son of the wolf: tales of the far north was published. London's Klondike tales are exciting, vigorous, and brutal. The call of the wild from 1903 is one of the best animal stories ever written.

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Saint Gildas, writer with a Welsh connection!

Saint Gildas The first British historian. Wrote "Concerning the ruin and conquest of Britain", in 540, which was used extensively by Bede. Taught by saint Illtud and known as "The second apostle of Ireland". His elder brother Hywel was said to have been killed by Arthur.

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David Jones, writer with a Welsh connection!

David Jones Writer, painter, calligrapher, illustrator, soldier. He Illustrated 'Gulliver's Travels' and other books. TS Eliot described his part-poem part-novel 'In Parenthesis' as "a work of genius". WH Auden regarded his 'The Anathemata' as "... Probably the finest long poem written in English this (the 20th) century".

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