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Meinir Gwilym singer, songwriter

Meinir Gwilym

Meinir Gwilym, new talent from the old country.

Meinir has established herself as one of the best selling Welsh language artists ever, and she's just getting into her stride!

Presenter Steve Jones

Steve Jones

Serial Snogger

He's charming, intelligent , very good looking and has an easy going style...

The biker from Bonvilston

Ian Lougher

The biker from Bonvilston

Guts, skill and force of will, Ian has brought victory after victory home, a true Welsh sporting hero! ...

Kelly Jones, Stereophics singer, guitarist

Kelly Jones

Singer, guitarist and songwriter!

Kelly, singer, songwriter and lead guitarist with the Stereophonics...

Hon. Charles S. Rolls

Hon. Charles S. Rolls

A real zest for life!

The first pilot to fly across the channel and back in a single journey...

Hopkins, master of the theatrical crafts

Sir Anthony Hopkins

A master of the theatrical crafts

Unassuming, quiet, gifted and shrewd are all terms we associated with Hopkins, a true world class player...

Commander Lowe RD RNR  of the Titanic

Harold Lowe

Commander Lowe RD RNR

Commander Harold Godfrey Lowe RD RNR wrote his name into history as a hero for actions during the loss of the White Star Ship, TITANIC.

Joe Tanner, Welsh roots astronaught

Joe Tanner

The only Astronaut from the village.

Joe's Welsh connection is via his mother who can trace her roots back to Llanddewi Brefi...

Cerys Jones, Welsh violinist

Cerys Jones

Intelligence and talent

A formidable schedule of rehearsal, performance and travel together with intelligence and talent...

Sir Tom Jones

Sir Tom Jones

It's not unusual!

Long show business career with many stage and TV appearances...

Developing Wales for the benefit of all

Rhodri Morgan

For the benefit of all

Oxford/Harvard educated Rhodri is commited to developing Wales for the benefit of all...

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