Honour: Notable Welsh personalities

This is a special part of our site reserved for people who found notoriety for efforts above and beyond the call of duty! Many have done great work for charity or found fame through heroism. We hope this list will grow and reflect the selfless, generous and brave personalities who call Wales home.

Gwynfor Evans, notable with a Welsh connection!

Gwynfor Evans Having spent his early years in Liverpool he learnt Welsh fluently. Former president of Plaid Cymru he was the first Plaid Cymru MP, winning Carmarthen Constituency from Labour in the famous by election on 14th July 1966 , following the death of Lady Megan Lloyd George. He threatened to fast until death to secure a Welsh language TV channel, resulting in the establishment of S4C. He also campaigned tirelessly for improved road networks between Wales and remainder of the UK, the main outcome of which was the...

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Pritchard Henry, notable with a connection to Wales (Pontypridd)

Pritchard Henry Along with six of his seven brothers he holds the world record (verified by Guinness Book of World Records) for largest number of siblings to serve in the armed forces in the second world war. All saw active service. The brothers who share this record and their birth places are Albert (Pontypridd), Dai (Rhydyfelin) Horace, Clifford, Idris, Ron (all born Penrhiwceiber. Ron, the youngest, was the only one who was killed, aged nineteen.


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