Charles Dale, actor linked to Tenby, West Wales

Charles Dale Mostly famous as Dennis Stringer from UK ITV soap 'Coronation Street'. He's also been the chef in 'The Lakes' and has also appeared in a raft of other TV programmes including 'Paradise Heights' for the BBC.

Nina Hamnet, artist with a connection to Wales (Tenby)

Nina Hamnet She was an artist and writer who became known as "The Queen of Bohemia". Her work was exhibited at the Royal Academy and the London Group in England, as well as at the Salon d'Automne in Paris. She was a friend of famous artist Roger Fry and was one of the only artists to receive payment for work exhibited at his gallery in Fitzroy Square, London. She was an author too and in 1932 she published a book 'Laughing Torso', reminiscences of her bohemian life. It become a bestseller in England and America.

Robert Recorde, scientist with a connection to Wales (Tenby, West Wales)

Robert Recorde Very influential physician and mathamatician. Robert published some of the most important books of his era including the first English language book on Algebra which incidentally is where the equals symbol is first seen in use! He achieved high office too, being not only the king's physician but also the controller of the Royal Mint (which is now based in Pontyclun, South Wales). As is true today, positions of power attract enemies and sadly it was his high profile that lead to his downfall. Robert was broken...

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