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Princess Diana, notable with a Welsh connection!

Princess Diana

Internationally famous and popular Princess Royal.
Connection: Princess of Wales, Princess Royal.

comment by:malachi
Not exactly Welsh though.

comment by:meimac
Diana was not Welsh. She was English to the core. She did not visit Wales much, she knew nothing of the language or the culture of Wales and she carried a title that is reviled by many in Wales. I suggest she be taken off this list.

comment by:tafwys
But not actually Welsh!
Everyone posting about Diana not being Welsh - you're quite right, she wasn't - in fact she could trace her ancestry back to one of the knights who came across the channel with William the Conqueror! - BUT, she does deserve a mention here if nothing else. You may be interested to know at her funeral they sang the Welsh hymn 'Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer' and her carriage was accompanied by twenty-two Welsh Guards, that doesn't happen too often - Ed.

comment by:Tilleka
So what if she wasn't Welsh ! She was still a princess and that's cool!

comment by:DMWilliams
Not born in Wales no Welsh parents, did not live in Wales, was not married in Wales, is not buried in Wales. So how Welsh can one person be. Again, we all know Diana was not of Welsh origin but for reasons mentioned earlier and lets not forget, all around the world people learned of the very existence of Wales just because of her title. She has to have a mention here. - Ed

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