David Baird, actor with a connection to Wales (Cardiff)

David Baird His 'A Thousand Paths' books which have sold over seven million copies worldwide, winning Celtic Film Festival 1982 with Oscar nominee Paul Turner. His grandfather was president Welsh A. B. A and nephew to Tesse O'Shea.

Donna Lewis, musician with a connection to Wales (Cardiff)

Donna Lewis Singer and songwriter, Classically trained at the Welsh College of Music and Drama. Relatively unknown in the UK, she has been very successful in the US. Her 1996 song 'I Love You Always Forever' was a world wide success, gaining the number 1 position in many countries. In the USA the song re-wrote the record books at radio, by exceeding one million 'spins', claiming its place in music industry history as the most-played single ever, at the time.

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