Josh Richards, actor with a connection to Wales (Tenby)

Josh Richards

One man show 'playing Burton' an evocation of the life of Richard Burton. Currently a member of the Royal Shakespeare company.
Connection: Born in Tenby and educated at 'Greenhill School' and 'Welsh College of Music and Drama'.

comment by:wingding
His father's name is Josh, but I have always known him as Mark. He must have taken Josh as a stage name, incidentally I'm from Tenby and went to school with Josh(Mark) and his older sister Glenda,

comment by:unlicensed2000
I'm proud to say that Mark aka Josh is a cousin of mine. As a child he had a wonderful imagination and was so very creative with a wicked sense of humor. Even though Mark has grown up to become a fantastic actor I still think he has kept those wonderful qualities that most of us sadly loose. It does not matter if your a beggar or a king Mark treats everyone with respect and makes time for them.


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