David Jones, writer with a Welsh connection!

David Jones

Writer, painter, calligrapher, illustrator, soldier. He Illustrated 'Gulliver's Travels' and other books. TS Eliot described his part-poem part-novel 'In Parenthesis' as "a work of genius". WH Auden regarded his 'The Anathemata' as "... Probably the finest long poem written in English this (the 20th) century".
Connection: Although he was born in Kent, England (1895) Jones has a strong Welsh connection via his grandfather who was born in Wales and moved to Surrey, England. David Jones' Welsh heritage was fundamental to his beliefs and his life's works.

comment by:Cymruambyth
Jones was one of 4000 Welshmen wounded at Mametz Wood whilst serving with the 15th Royal Welch Fusiliers (a London Welsh regiment) sometime between 4th and 12th of July 1916.

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