Saint Gildas, writer with a Welsh connection!

Saint Gildas

The first British historian. Wrote "Concerning the ruin and conquest of Britain", in 540, which was used extensively by Bede. Taught by saint Illtud and known as "The second apostle of Ireland". His elder brother Hywel was said to have been killed by Arthur.
Connection: Gildas ap Caw (Son of Caw) Born c498 in Strathclyde. Feast day January 29th.

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Ended his days in the monastery of Rhuys near Morbihan, Brittany where it is believed he wrote his history. Known as 'The rain saint of Britanny'. It is said his sister Cywyllog married the Arturian knight Mordred. There are various accounts of one connection or another with King Arthur including his role as arbiter in disputes.

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