Jack London, writer with a Welsh connection!

Jack London

Author of numerous stories, romantic adventures with realistic setting and character. In 1900, the son of the wolf: tales of the far north was published. London's Klondike tales are exciting, vigorous, and brutal. The call of the wild from 1903 is one of the best animal stories ever written.
Connection: Born 1876 in San Francisco, USA Died 1916. John Griffith London, was the illegitimate son of an American astrologer and a Welsh farm girl.

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Welsh-American author. Jack had a poverty-stricken childhood, brought up by his mother and her husband, John London. By the age of seventeen he was an able seaman in traveling the world, Japan and the Bering Sea living the life of an adventurer. He partook in some of the greatest adventures of his day, Oyster pirates, the Klondike gold-rush, Russo-Japanese war, 1914 Mexico war.

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