Anna Leonowens, writer with a connection to Wales (Caernarfon)

Anna Leonowens

She was the "I" of the popular story, "The King and I". Her account of her time as a teacher in the Royal Siamese Court. Here actual work was published under the title 'The English governess at the Siamese court'.
Connection: A Welsh grandparent and other interesting Welsh connectsions. Anna (nee Crawford) claimed she was born in Caernarfon although this seems to have been a fabrication. There's much confusion is to her true origins, some say she was really born in India

comment by:HalfHour
She has become quite a controversial character over the years. She spent her later years in Canada and indeed worked for women's rights as a suffragette. She's also known to have helped found the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.


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