Idris Davies, writer with a connection to Wales (Rhymney)

Idris Davies

Known for his anthology of poetry, especially 'Gwalia Deserta'. He chronicled life in Wales during the 'depression'. Also, a drinking partner (when they came to Rhymney) of a young Dylan Thomas and Richard Jenkins (Burton). His most famous poem (The Bells of Rhymney) was turned into a song by American folk singer Pete Seeger.
Connection: Born in Rhymney.

comment by:Idrisfan
I don't think he was an anthologist; Gwalia Deserta was a collection of his own poetry. T S Eliot arranged for his work to be published by Faber and Faber, confident that it 'would last'.

comment by:NigelJones
I have recently set 'The Bells of Rhymney' to music in two versions. One is for a two-part treble choir with piano accompaniment, the other is for four part (SATB) choir with piano accompaniment.

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