Caitlin Thomas, writer with a Welsh connection!

Caitlin Thomas

A wonderful writer. 'Leftover Life to Kill' is a phenomenal work.
Connection: She was Welsh and married to some bloke called Dylan Thomas.
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this searing book is caitlin's story of the passions, the rage and the tragic humour of those years of drink and the toll it took on the lives of two talented people, leaving one of them dead at the age of thirty-nine, and the other alone, penniless and an alcoholic. it is also the memoir of a woman not always likeable, but consistently energetic and honest and possessing an indomitable spirit.

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comment by:SEBgirl
Actually she was Irish and Dylan Thomas, has fans all over the world, including former American presidents who have visited his birthplace (Swansea). Bob Dylan took his name, he was such a fan and if you listen to the President's speech in the film 'Independence Day'. Just before the pilots fight the aliens, you will recognise Dylan prose in the text.

comment by:Lloydy
I thought she was an Irish McNamarra.

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