Terry Medwin, sportsman with a Welsh connection!

Terry Medwin

Football (Soccer) player. Member of the great Spurs sides of the 1960's.
Connection: Born in Wales. Does anyone know where? - Ed.

comment by:jadie996
Terry Medwin is my granddad and he's the best! Love you loads granpa, ter xxx

comment by:jadie996
No, he really is my granddad I was searching for pictures of him when he was playing football and I found this site!

comment by:jadie996
Yes, I am Terry Medwins grand-daughter chalky.

comment by:Boltstress
I'm an avid Spurs fan now living in Australia. Over Christmas I discovered that June, my 84 year old next door neighbour is a Medwin and is a distant cousin to Terry. She is putting together a family tree and would love to here from any relations

comment by:PadmaP
Terry was actually born in Hmp Swansea. His father was a prison officer there.

comment by:ginna7
I met Terry in a irish bar in Pueto Rico, Gran Canaria on the 16th of March 2008 while watching (Uk football clubs) Spurs play Man City. What a lovely guy he was and certainly knew is football. Cheers Terry, you made our day. Nice to see you later on that night and shake your hand. All the best, the guys from Barnard Castle ,County Durham.

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