Dai Dower, sportsman with a connection to Wales (Swansea)

Dai Dower

Former boxing world contender.
Connection: Born in Swansea.

comment by:KindHeart
The nicest chap you'd ever want to meet. Used to work at Bournemouth University in charge of fitness suite. Still fit as a fiddle.

comment by:Washinton
Who did he challenge for the flyweight championship of the world?

comment by:berylann
He challenged Pascual Perez of Argentina but was stopped in the first round.

comment by:berylann
Dai Dower fought the Argentinean Pascual Perez for the world title but was unfortunately outclassed and ko'd in the first round.

comment by:mikejday
Does anyone know of Dai Dower now he was best friends of my dad when they worked underground together I have an old photo of them sparing on top pit.

comment by:Maldwyn
Dai Dower was my cousin once removed, my Dad's cousin. From the tales of my father he wasn't out-classed by Perez. They kept ducking him and by the time he got the fight he was a little past his prime and had a the flu going in. Perez himself said that he couldn't handle Dai and hit him with a lucky punch.

comment by:sexysean
Hi it's his grandson, he wasn't born in Swansea he is very well and great fun.

comment by:sexysean
Dai Dower is the best boxer in Wales. He has now retired from Bournemouth University after twenty-one years and is still very fit. He is now in his seventies but looks more like a fifty year old! He has fought nearly two hundred fights and lost only a couple.

comment by:daidower
Hello there! I'm Dai Dowers granddaughter.

comment by:haymon
I greatly admired Dai Dower as a champion boxer (kept a scrapbook of his fights) but never knew him personally. Is there a biography around?

comment by:melabywhite
Hello I'm Dai's Eldest granddaughter. Is there anyone here that was good friends with my granddad and hasn't been in touch in years?

comment by:Ralphyboy
Hi I'm Ralph, Sophie's youngest boy, Dia's cousin Great boxer in his time, so I'm told!

comment by:EditorBoy
One of the great boxers of all time. I'm writing a book on the history of Cilfynydd and want to track him down. Can anyone help? Thanks Dean Powell, editor pontypridd observer.

comment by:DIHESUPres
I was a student at Bournemouth from 1981 to 1985 and was president of the Students Union and the college rugby club in 1984 to 1995. Being a dwarf we used to joke that I was the only man in the college smaller than Dai. He was the biggest man I ever met. A lovely supportive kind-hearted generous hero to many students.

comment by:Welshman5
I live in New York city now, but I was born and raised in mountain ash road in Abercynon and Dai lived in Herbert Street 'down the hill' from me. I'll always remember the quite unassuming 'giant' of a man. In the South Wales echo and in the local neighbourhood Dai was, and is the 'stuff of myth'. I found this website by accident but for me it?s a splendid step into the past. He always said hello to me 'a kid'. Have a great life Dai, you are and always have been my hero. (Welsh exile)

comment by:chappella70
Hi, I'm Sophie Dowers greatgrandson. I was asked to do a project in school about a famous Welsh sports person my mum told me a little about Dai Dower. I thought great not only that is he a great Welsh sports person but he's also related to me by my great grandmother, his aunt.

comment by:oldcarnetownbo
Hi what a pleasure to have known Dai Dower. I trained in the same gym as Dai in the Carn Parc Hotel Carnetown. Dai always had time for us up and coming lads and I remember those evening runs we thought we were the greatest, running, with Dai Dower. I remember he had a hairdressers shop and a cafe in Margaret Street. Later he bought a pub in Cylfynydd. Those were the days. I still have a photograph of Dai training in the gym in the carne in 1954. All the best Dai!

comment by:daddyman
My grand father grew up with Dai Dower, my family had a shop in Abercynon, only seen the photo once but I am proud to know my grandfather grew up and was best friends with Dai Dower. Anyone who may have photos of Dai when he was younger with his friends could you forward copies please.

comment by:Clare2111
Hi I'm Clare - Evan Norman's granddaughter (Evan is Dai's first cousin) I have lots of photographs of him and my mum Carole Ann and Aunty Jinny back in Wales in the 1950's. Recently on Genes Reunited so any family members please get in contact. Love to all.

comment by:Jasper99
Hi everyone, my name is Adrian and I was rugby captain at Bournemouth University whilst studying there 1985-1989

Dai was an absolute hero and legend at the university, bent over backwards to help everyone and was a fantastic badmington player, able to mix it with the fittest of students when he was well in his 50's.

Lovely chap, lovely natuer and worshipped by those sportsmen and ladies at the university. Give him my best!

comment by:adelade
What was Dia's world ranking at the time of the Perez bout?

comment by:originalsin
Hi , I was a student in Bournemouth from 87-89. Being of a Karate, Kick boxing background, Dai taught me how to box.

He was a wonderfully enthusiastic, energetic man. I always remember one saturday afternoon when I was playing rugby, that Dai coached, when my parent from Swansea came up and met him. They reminisced at his fights that they used to listen to on the wireless! Fab, if you're reading Dai, I hope all is well. Nigel

comment by:sugarreay
Hi does anyone know the wherabouts of Dai now,i've just obtained two great press photo's of the great man and it would be great if Dai cold sign one for me,it's good to here that he is fit and well. Keef.

comment by:DavidBC
I learned to coach rugby with Dai at Hurn Court school just outside Bournemouth in the early 1970's he was a wonderful chap to work with, and he taught me a great deal.

I also persuaded him to put the gloves on once in the gym with me and 45 seconds was quite long enough thank you very much. A grand chap, and I am pleased to hear he is still doing well.

comment by:adelade
I would like to know Dowers world ranking at the time of the Perez fight - anyone help?

comment by:jen6185
Hi there I am Dai dower's grand-daughter daughter of his youngest daughter Angela, we still live in Abercynon but Dai lives in Bournemouth with his wife Evelyn. He is still doing well and as fit as always. He is always keen to meet old friends and its great to see he is still the topic of conversation. If anyone would like any further information or contact details then please let me know. Ed- Patrons are reminded, our MessagePad system sends discreet messages on your behalf. If you wish to contact a fellow member please log in and use the MessagePad.

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