Tom Pryce, sportsman with a connection to Wales (North Wales)

Tom Pryce

F1 Racing driver.
Connection: From Rhuthun, North Wales.

comment by:AllRightNow
Came from Rhuthun, North Wales. A Welsh speaker and winner of the British Grand Prix. Sadly killed in crash.

comment by:DayDreamer
Tom Pryce competed in forty-two Grand Prix between 1974 and 1977 and won the 'Race of Champions' with the Shadow team at Brands Hatch in 1975. He was killed in a tragic accident at the 1977 South African Grand Prix.

comment by:bignbeefy
He used to have the Welsh flag as his helmet design. Great, great man and tragic end to his life.

comment by:blackbird50
Very fond memories of Maldwyn (Tom). I used to work with him in North Wales engineers St Asaph and give him a lift to work many times. He was the most genuine and likeable person you could meet. We had alot of laughs together and i often think of him. Really nice to hear the comments said of him.

comment by:tompryce1977
I am a member of the Tom Pryce memorial fund and we are working to see tom honored in his hometown of Rhuthin in North Wales. We have raised £4400 towards a lasting memorial in Upper Clwyd Street in Rhuthin but are still rather short of our intended target of over £10000. I have just commissioned a painting of Tom Pryce and intend making copies/prints to sell to raise more funds.

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link by: DayDreamer
FORIX driver profile
Provides details of Tom Pryce's Grand Prix career.

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