Dr Richard Pryce, scientist with a connection to Wales (South Wales)

Dr Richard Pryce

Was developer of the times tables as a teaching aid and re-introduced cremation to Britain.
Connection: From Llantrisant, South Wales.

comment by:SpaceFriday
Richard Pryce wrote to the inhabitants of Boston advising them to throw the English's tea into the harbour!

comment by:Cymraes
Price upset local people by naming his son Jesus who unfortunately died young. Dr. William Price of Llantrisant South Wales attempted to cremated his son's remains in full view of the public, creating outrage and legal proceedings were taken against him. The following year the judge presiding over Price's case ruled that cremation was a legal procedure, provided that no nuisance was caused to others. Dr. Price went on to cremate his son's remains, which had been stored in his home during the trial. Price also charged admittance to the cremation (which probably upset people more than the cremation itself!) and Dr. Price himself was cremated when he died a few years later. Despite this ruling, only three cremations took place during 1885.

comment by:joinerjourneym
You are confusing two different people. Rev Richard Price was from Tynton Llangeinor. He supported the independence of the USA and also devised the tables for insurance. Dr William price of Llantrisant had a son called Jesus who died and was cremated by him. He therefore is credited with the introduction of cremation to Britain.

comment by:vacymro
The Rev Richard price was a remarkable man of many talents similar to Ben Franklin (and a correspondent of Franklin's). He was also the first person offered honorary American citizenship by congress in 1778.

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