Matt Jones, signer, song writer from South Wales

Matt Jones

Founding member, guitarist and songwriter for the Hepburns. They recorded a number of singles and ep's in the 1980's. A classic case of 'before their time', if they were up and coming now they'd be picked up like a shot!

Connection: Lives and worked in Wales all his life.

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Apart from writing lyrics matt has dabbled in journalism too. He worked at the community services unit in the Marina district in Swansea where he wrote for their magazine. Matt acknowledges a wide range of influences in his writing, anyone who remembers the eighties will recognise a heavy dose of Johnny Marr in the mix. Matt claims to have met Morrisy when the Smiths played Swansea, giving him one of his songs, I wonder if he got a bunch of flowers in return!

Actually thinking on, if it's the gig at the Swansea Top Rank he would have got a Christmas tree instead, anyone who was there will know what I'm talking about.

As of 2004 the band were still 'kind of' playing and recording but they haven't surfaced since. Matt was working for the council at that time, if anyone knows what he's doing now please add a posting here.

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Interview with Matt Jones
Informal interview with Matt by Mario Serrano at the abs-cbn website.

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