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John Cale, musician with a Welsh connection!

John Cale

Innovative composer and musician. Has written music for cinema, ballet and other performance art. Has collaborated with many (other) influential musicians and composers in particular Lou Reed.

Connection: Born in Garnant, Wales.
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comment by:GrooveyBaby
He went out with my Mum when they were in school!

comment by:sospan
John was born in Garnant. He still returns there and is a Welsh speaker.

comment by:Sliw76
Born in Garnant, South Wales.

comment by:LivedInGarnant
Might be worth mentioning that he was in the Velvet Underground.

comment by:JimBritonFerry
John was a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Wales in the early 1960's and played the viola.

comment by:HDLewisatHermo
Though Cale used always to present himself as an uncompromising ultramodernist (see his joint-authored autobiography "what's welsh for zen" - see what i mean? , ironically the most beautiful music he ever produced was his version of Lleonard Cohen's "Halleluja". There are several versions of this (including one by Cohen himself which does nothing for the song) but Cale's combines both an affecting lyricism and a tough lived-in edge. It's the best version ever recorded. It may be his testament.

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link by: DutchCourage
dedicated fan webpage
My site contains hundreds of pages about Cale.

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