Pino Palladino bass guitarist form Cardiff, South Wales

Pino Palladino

Much travelled session musician. One of the best bass guitarists in the world. Stepped in for The Who when they lost John Entwistle. 

Connection: Born in Cardiff, played in local band Trapper back in the 1970's.

comment by:MezzoGizzmo
Also played bass for Paul Young as well as countless other top artists.

comment by:CHARLIE
Pino Palladino has recently finished playing bass for 'The Who' in place of the late John Entwistle.

comment by:MrMeltdown
Went to Bishop Hannon High School. Early stage appearances included school Assembly, Folk Masses at St Mary's Church Canton and two song set for Lord Mayor at Cardiff Castle (I think it was 'Sandman' by America and a Lindsay Duncan song) with me on other guitar and my sister and his sister singing. Went to London with Trapper and ended up joining Jools Holland and the Millionaires before becoming part of Paul Young band.



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