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Aled Jones Ynys Mon Wales

Aled Jones

Choirboy (charted with smash hit 'Walking in the air'). Musicals, radio and TV presenter.

Connection: From Ynys Mon.
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released in october 2002 this was aleds first cd for sixteen years! i believe, ave maria, all through the night and many more favourites make thiis a must for fans everywhere.

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comment by:Snowman
Aled Jones was born and raised in Anglesey. Welsh-speaking, sang in the choir at Bangor Cathedral

comment by:AceOne
I have always loved Aled Jones right from being fourteen, Aled was the same age. I used to send birthday cards and letters to Aled as a youngster and I am extremely pleased to see his career continue as he gets older. I bought his biography and all his records when I was younger and unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances they are now lost. I am finding it extremely difficult to buy the book again as it is no longer in print. Well Done Aled!

comment by:alsgal
I have been a huge fan of Aled's, since the early days. I finally got to meet him at St. David's Hall one October, at his first concert for fifteen years. What a lovely young man he is, not at all spoiled by fame that came to him at such a young age. So glad to see him doing so well now that his career is on the up again. I wish him much happiness for the future. God Bless you Aled.

comment by:alsgal
The more I see of Aled on TV, the more I'm falling in love with him all over again. (I loved him passionately as a tiny choirboy). I think he's absolutely wonderful. I can hardly wait for the release of his next album. Are there any other Aled fans out there as 'potty' as me?

comment by:alsgal
Can anyone provide me with an address where I can obtain photos/pictures of Aled please? If so please let me know via the MessagePad.

comment by:hollyashmeg
Sorry, but I have to correct you on a point you made, 'Aled ' was not Aled's first recording for sixteen years. 'From the heart' was released in 1998. To date as an adult, he has released. 'From the heart', 'Aled', 'Higher' and 'The Christmas Album'.

comment by:cariad
As I am also from Anglesey anything from there is very close to my heart. I recently got a signed copy of Aled's book. I must say brilliant and what a down to earth man.

comment by:arsenal1
I think Aled is absolutely wonderful with a fantastic voice. I would so love to meet him, but would be really nervous of him as I am a blind person and wouldn't be able to see when he approaches me. When I meet someone new I like to hold their hand so that I know they are there in front of me.

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aled sings our seasonal favourites including away in a manger, silent night, hark the herald, o come all ye faithful and many more - the perfect theme to your christmas holiday!

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san damiano, you raise me up, aberystwyth and abide with me are just a few of the beautiful songs on this uplifting cd.

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link by: alsgal
my collection,anything Aled
this s me describing my huge collection of Aled memorabilia -----if you are a fan of his, i think you'll be very interested.