Spencer Davis, musician with a connection to Wales (West Cross, Swansea)

Spencer Davis

Guitarist, singer, songwriter, Formed one of the most influential rock groups of the 1960's 'The Spencer Davis Group'.

Connection: Born in West Cross, Swansea.
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comment by:MountainWay
Didn't The Spencer Davis Group do 'Keep on runin'? - Ed

comment by:Monaco
Spencer Davis is still a busy man, working, performing, composing and managing. Working out of Los Angeles now for many years. He just 'Keeps on running!' Ted, friends since our teens!

comment by:DaiTreforys
Attended Dynevor School in Swansea.

comment by:JohnAntony
Date of birth July 17 1941. Teamed up with Steve and Muff Winwood and drummer Pete York to form The Spencer Davis Group. Their hits included: "Keep on running", "Somebody help me", "Gimme some loving", "Here we go round the mulberry bush" and the theme tune to TV's "Magpie".

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