Vic Franklyn, Canadian singer born in Aberdare, Wales

Vic Franklyn

Famous for his TV show in the 1970's in Toronto, Canada . He is called the Canadian 'Frank Sinatra'.

Little of Vic's early years have been published, in fact there's now very little information on his career. However, even today, years after the height of his fame Vic is still loved and his recordings treasured.

Vic's voice was rich with tonal likeness to the 'Rat Pack' crooners headed by Frank Sinatra.  He was often called the 'Canadian Sinatra'. This son of Wales, born (Lyn Evans) in Aberdare became an adopted son of Canada and his talent was included within the 'Canadian Talent Library Trust', a non-profit trust that produced a major series of recordings between 1962 and 1985 by Canadian artists and of Canadian compositions. This organisation gained a huge boost in 1970 due to new regulations in Canada. This legislation was designed to promote Canadian performing arts. From here Vic's career was cast.

One of our readers has kindly told us of a conversation with Vic where he explained his stage name is a mixture of artist names. Vic's favouritee singers were Vic Damone and Frank Sinatra so hecreativelyy chose 'Vic Franklyn' to represent this. His popularity lead to a regular Saturday night TV show appearance on CHCH TV (Canadian Broadcasting).

Connection: Born in Aberdare, Wales. Just a stone throw from where Tom Jones lived!

comment by:LyndaP2
Does anyone know if Vic Franklyn is still around? My mom would like to know. Thanks!

comment by:Jennifer
My mom and dad were big fans of Vic and so he's always been a family favourite. I've recently been trying to collect his work (not an easy task). So far I have tracked down two albums: 'After all is said and done' and 'Shangri-La'. Does anyone know of any other albums out there? More importantly, does anyone know what happened to Vic? I heard he returned to Wales but could find no other information. I would love to know if he continued to sing. He really was the best, better than the whole rat pack put together!

comment by:Jennifer
Big fan, anyone know what albums Vic has out there? I have 'After all is said and done' and 'Shangri-La'. Are there any more? Also, I heard he went back to Wales but nothing more, does anyone know where Vic is today?

comment by:Vicfan
Would like to find a source for his recordings. He made a few forty-fives and some LP's.

comment by:peejay
I understand through my inquiries that Vic Franklyn passed away a few years back. He had four albums as mentioned, two of them were 'After all is said and done' and 'Shangri-La'. The other two were 'Friends' and 'Leave Tenderly' and as you said he was a fine singer. My wife and I saw him at the Hotel Triumph in Toronto on our twentieth wedding anniversary and that was thirty years ago! I also met him in Scarborough Ontario, where he lived for many years.

comment by:peejay
Jennifer if you contact me I will e-mail you two pictures of Vic Franklyn which I took about thirty years ago.

comment by:Billyvint
Hi there, Vic Franklyn does have other work out there I saw a Vic Franklyn album 'Leave me tenderly' for sale on e-bay.

comment by:PeterFerguson
Vic had a wonderful voice, much better than Frankie but his recordings are very hard to get here in Australia. I have heard 'again', 'more', 'Brazil' and 'My foolish heart'. Are these available at all?

comment by:nicholas
Peejay you have been a big help now I know what happened to Vic. It's as he was a great singer and crooner.

comment by:nicholas
As far as I know vic put out three LPs in Canada which I have year 1974 LP called Vic Franklyn Celebration Records. LP black logo LP called 'After all is said and done' cel1897 stereo the second one is 'Friends' birchmount bm883 3. 'Leave tenderly' (autographed personally by Vic himself in 1982 Toronto, Ontario) birchmount 878. Those are the three that I have in my record collection. Hope this helps you out.

comment by:clairekeep
Hello, my name is Claire and Vic Franklyn was my grandfather. My mum has many memories and some photos she could share if any one would be interested? Just send me a 'MessagePad' and I'll get her to come on here. Thanks Claire.

comment by:mollyk
Hi, I'm Vics daughter Christine Plowright nee Evans. Dad came to live with me in London a short while before he died. If any of you fans want more information get in touch. I'd also like to hear more from his fans also perhaps you fans can help me, five years ago all my dads albums that I had got destroyed I?m heartbroken so I?m on the hunt to replace them!

comment by:nicholas
Vic has a fantastic sing voice similar to late frank Sinatra and Matt Monroe. Vic has recorded some great cover version of songs like '99 miles from L. A', 'What I did for love' from a chorus line, 'The hungry years' as recorded by Neil Sedaka and 'Save the last dance for me'.

comment by:Jennifer
Thank you all for the information. I'm so sorry to hear of his passing. I was able to buy leave tenderly on e-bay so I'm getting there with my collection. Peejay - it's entirely possible you were seated by my folks, as they were in the audience. I'm not sure how to find your email. (MessagePad? ) I would love to see the photos. Jennifer.

comment by:Moofty
I recently purchased two Vic Franklyn albums, and copied them to CD. On your message board, Vic's daughter mollyk mentioned she was looking to replace her dad's albums as a bit of bad luck caused her to lose them. I am prepared to give her these two albums in my possession, plus a copy of my CD, free of course, because I love her fathers music. I am very sorry to hear of Vic's passing, he is truly a great Canadian memory. We also liked his tv show in the 1970's. Thank you.

comment by:mollyk
I would like to thank moofty for his really kind offer which I have taken up. I can't get over the kindness that he has shown me and my family. He also says that a radio station plays my dads music quite a lot I?m going to get details and see if they will let me have copies of their discs on file, if I?m able to get these I will of course copy for anyone else who wants them, I will keep everyone posted.

comment by:RedPortiaOne
Dear mollyk I?m so sorry to hear that (your dad) Vic Franklyn died. I have been searching the web for a CD of his work leave tenderly but haven?t been able to find it. I have the LP in mint condition from when I was a teen but have no turntable. Anyone know where I can buy a CD or if there is one? He was better then Frank Sinatra! Rick.

comment by:mollyk
Hi everyone, just to let you all know that Vic's first greatgrandson was born on the 8th December 2005 at 7. 38am his weight 8lbs 13ozs looks just like Vic, I know my dad would have been so proud. He's the first boy in the family for 30 years. His name is Jack Franklyn, after both his great grandfathers. I hope he can grow up to sing like my dad! Keep well everyone!

comment by:Jennifer
Molly, i have a very rare album of a show he did in Toronto. I think it's his best. Iif i can get it on cd i'll send it out. Jennifer

comment by:mollyk
Thank you so much for your offer I would be thrilled to have it if you can get a copy, many thanks Christine. Please note: Message like this are better sent via the MessagePad service, it's FREE and I spent ages developing it so enjoy! - Ed

comment by:magicman
I don't think his family knew how great a singer and a big star he was in Canada. This guy could have been a mega star. I have CDs of his albums.

comment by:poppyuk
I knew Vic in the eighties and was very sad to hear of his death, can someone tell me the date of his death and where he was laid to rest, i would like to pay my respects.

comment by:magicman
Hi folks. I too am a Vic Franklyn's fan. I live in Toronto, Canada where Vic did most of his singing. I've made a great CD of some of his songs.

comment by:magicman
Hi Nicholas. I noticed that you have save the last dance for me by Vic Franklyn. Would you be kind enough if its possible to send me an mp3 of the song. I have his LP (friends) and I've been trying to get some of his other songs. Hope to hear from you. Please Note: Correspondance is better done with our NotePad feature, it's free and keeps your messages private. Also, please remember music CD's etc are usually copyright, it's actually illeagal to copy them. - Ed.

comment by:dickie
My earliest recollection of Vic was when he had a regular TV program on CHCH TV out of Hamilton. It played on Saturday night. I remember one of his guests was the late Sammy Kahn, one Frank Sinatra's favourite writers. You could tell Sammy was impressed with Vic's talent. I saw him play a couple of supper clubs in the Toronto area. I saw him several times at a supper club in Hamilton on the mountain. I think it was his home base.

comment by:dollymay
I used to live in Toronto and worked at the Toronto airport-Vic used to play at a restaurant there (small night club) I went may times and loved his music. had all his albums but lost them over the years. I now live in Ottawa, Canada and my favourite radio station 985thejewel dot com plays his music a lot. He has become very popular and people love his music. He was a fine artist-can comments/replies welcome (please use the messagepad service her at famouswelsh) wish I could find his music again on LP/CD?s

comment by:dickie
I'm looking for the following albums. Shangri-la and after all is said and done. Can anyone help?

comment by:dickie
Further to my previous post, i was able to obtain the album "after all is said and done" from a collector. All that is left is "shangri-la". Can anyone help?

comment by:VicFanPaul
I have enjoyed listening to Vic Franklyn's music for over 30 years. I find his art musically satisfying and emotionally moving. (just the other day i stumbled upon his lp "Leave Tenderly" in a used-record store. His 8-track version of that album had been my favourite in-car music back in the '70s. How wonderful to rediscover it after all these years! ) learning on this forum that Vic has passed away has saddened me.

comment by:dickie
I think Vic only recorded four albums but I could be wrong. I now have, friends, leave tenderly, Shangri-la and after all is said and done. If anyone knows of other albums he may have recorded, please let me know.

comment by:tinman
I met Vic back in the mid 1980's and we became good friends. I lost touch with him but heard he had moved to the Coburg area. Iwould like to share one of the many discussions I had with him. I asked him how he managed to have a Welsh name that he had, and that's when he told me his Welsh name Lyn Evans and his favorite singers were Vic Damone and Frank Sinatra thus Vic Franklyn. If anyone out there can give me info on acquiring his CD's I would be forever grateful! Note: Please use the FREE MessagePad service for personal messages.

comment by:magicman
Hello Christine Evans. About two years ago you asked me to try and find your half sister Samantha Evans (Vic Franklyn's daughter, your sister) ---well guess what---I've just received an email from her. Richard.

comment by:Michelle
Hi my name is Michelle and I was a special guest at most of his shows. I babysat his daughter while he was producing his shows.

I had a poster 5 feet by 2 feet sent to me from him. I have all of his albums and reading through was so sorry to hear of his passing. His wife was a great lady. He had a great voice. I even remember talking to him on the phone. Best of all he made me stand in front of him while he sang stand tall. If anyone wants to contact please do. Michelle

Ed says "Please remember we do not publish individual members names here. If you would like to contact a fellow member please use either the chat rooms or the MessagePad service which helps protect your privacy".

comment by:torbram
Vic franklyn,was superb. I saw him a few times at the old Hotel Triumph in Keele and 401 in Toronto. Like many of you I was sad to hear that he had died. But,as they say --"the song is ended, but the melody lingers on".

Vic was better than any of these so called "retro crooners".

comment by:senorbolero
I broke into the DJ business in the mid-seventies. I had 2 Vic Franklyn albums, must plays at most of my gigs. I remember "Moonlight Serenade" had a reggae beat courtesy of Jackie Mittoo, what a great sound. Franklyn had one of those voices that projected with seemingly little effort, a natural like Roy Orbison.

comment by:SpainishLady
I am so excited to have found this site all about Vic. I'm Morag and whilst visiting family in Canada I met and stayed with Vic and his wife for four or five days in the summer of 1978. Samantha was about a year old and still may have photos of my time with them. I also think that I have a signed album of "after all is said and done" tucked away our attic. I have spoken to my mother in Scotland, she informed me that she also has two tapes of his music so together we may be able to help Vic's family. Please remember, personal messages should be sent via our free MessagePad service.

comment by:eriana
My friend's father more or less "discovered" Vic Franklyn. He is also known for his establishment of the Canadian talent library. He asks if there is anything he might be able to do to assist the family in getting copies of things, or with other info. Members can use the free MessagePad service to contact each other.




link by: poppyuk
To all You Fans Out There
Hi, to everyone out there who are into Vic Franklyn, and desperate to get hold of his music there are copies of his albums available on eBay, lets help to spread Vic's music around the world.

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