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Saunders Lewis, politician with a Welsh connection!

Saunders Lewis

Leader of the Plaid Cymru.
Connection: Co founder of Plaid Cymru, Welsh Nationalist Party.

comment by:saithpm
Don't forget his plays- notably 'Siwan' and 'Esther', both showcasing his political views.

comment by:caebog
I was very surprised to learn that Saunder Lewis was a great great uncle to me I have just completed my family tree and found that his grand father is in fact my great great grandfather as well his was Owen Thomas who was born in Holyhead in 1812 and became a very famous preacher and leader of the Temprance Movment in North Wales. His daughter was Saunder Lewis's mother and lived on the Welsh borders. I hope this will help anybody who is interested in his early life

link by: DdraigGoch
Saunders Lewis
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