Button Gwinnett, historical personality with a Welsh connection!

Button Gwinnett

Signatory of the 'Declaration of Independence' as Governor of Georgia.
Connection: Of Welsh descent, on his fathers side.

comment by:finknottle
Killed in a duel in 1777.

comment by:Margie
Family lore is that we're related to Button Gwinnett, but I don't know how we're related. I do know a lot of family genealogy back to the 1700's though. Is there any source that has Button Gwinnett's family tree as well as its known? I might be able to find a connection. Any help would be very much appreciated. (Please reply using MessagePad service)

comment by:bakersgirl
I would like to know why there is a sun dial dedicated to Button Gwinnett at the parish church of Shurdington, Gloucestershire?

comment by:aveyron12
It is true that Button Gwinnett was of Welsh descent but his ancestors left Wales about 180 years earlier, so I'm not sure whether that qualifies him to be considered Welsh.

Re the sundial, button was born in Down Hatherly, Gloucestershire and the Gwinnett family was centered on Shurdington/Badgeworth. Although they spread out into the midlands, the senior branch of the family continued to live and possess land there until around the end of the 18th century.

comment by:daphneoosthuiz
I am trying to write the history of the Gwinnett family, has anyone got the family tree back to the 1700's

comment by:FamillyMan
As my family name is Gwinnett; it interests me to find out more about its history.

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link by: albruce
Family records database
The National Archives includes information on Gwinnett family, simply visit the site and search for Gwinnett to see what's available.

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