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    Saint David, historical personality with a Welsh connection!

    Saint David

    Founded a monastery at St. David's in Pembrokeshire. The patron saint of Wales. Negotiated half day holiday for Welsh schools every 1st March (or maybe this came later since he died nearly 1500 years ago).
    Connection: Patron Saint of Wales.

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    Was minister at church in Llanddewi-Brefi (Ceredigion).

    The ground was once said to have raised up in order that he could preach to the parishioners - a miracle. Nearby village Llanon (Ceredigion) is believed named after his mother Nanon.

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    Only British patron saint to have actually been born in the country to which they are patron of, i.e.- St. George was not born in England. Neither was St. Patrick born in Ireland. Nor St. Andrew born in Scotland.

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    Short bio of the man who became the Patron Saint of Wales.