Abraham Lincoln family from North Wales

Abraham Lincoln

President of the USA. Perhaps the greatest statesman to grace the American political theatre.

Connection: Maternal grandparents were called Morris from Ysbyty Ifan, North Wales.
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comment by:AnswerMan
The connection to Wales is on Lincoln's maternal side by way of his mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln. His paternal grandparents can be traced from Hingham in England to Hingham (true) in Massachusetts from which point they moved to Pennsylvania. The genealogy of his maternal great-grandparents clearly shows the Welsh connection, to wit: 'Very little is known about the life of Abraham Lincoln's great grandfather, Joseph Hanks.

comment by:Rhianbg
John Morris (Morys) of Bryn Gwyn Ysbyty Ifan great great grandfather of a L. Ellen Morys, daughter of above married Cadwaladr Evans of the Gwynedd Pennsylvania (born in Ucheldre Penllyn, Meirioneth. Their daughter Sarah Evans married John Hanks of Virginia their daughter Nansi (Nancy) married Thomas Lincon.

This is the information that has been passed down to me from my family correct?

comment by:vacymro
I think lincoln is one of the greatest men who ever lived. The claim to Welshness is highly specious and based on an unfounded article in "the druid" published in scranton around the turn of the century. Lincoln believed his mother was illegitimate. There were many Nancy Hanks' in the records of the time, a common name. This is another case where a highly dubious "fact" becomes "true" because of repetition.

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