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Sir Julian Hodge, business man with a Welsh connection!

Sir Julian Hodge

Established the Bank of Wales.
Connection: Born in Wales.

comment by:llanelli
Very generous supporter of various charities and established 'The Jane Hodge Foundation' in memory of his mother. Great friend of George Thomas, Lord Tonypandy.

comment by:A.Jewson
My grandfather was a gardener for Sir Julian in Lisvane.
I have many fond memories of playing in the grounds and visiting at Easter time with my family.
Sir Julian was kind enough to encourage me with my studies and the quality of my handwriting. Welcome comments for a young lad who was not 'Brain of Britain'.
I would encourage people to get a hold of the book :
Julian Hodge by O'Sullivan, T [Routledge,Kegan Paul 1981 1st].

comment by:Daniel_Lockton
Sir Julian Hodge was also chairman of the Reliant Motor Company from 1963 - 1977.
Much of the background to his businesses are covered in a new book:
Rebel Without Applause about Reliant.