Huw Wheldon, business man with a connection to Wales (Snowdonia)

Huw Wheldon

Head of the BBC during the sixties.
Connection: Born in Snowdonia.

comment by:Nantperisscion
Paul Fox, (Dictionary of national biography) describes him as 'the best and sometimes longest teller of stories'

comment by:Nantperisscion
Huw Wheldon said 'Remember, be bold. Don't be afraid to fail. The whole point of television is not to avoid failure at all costs but to give triumph a chance.'

comment by:RobinHunt
Jane Wheldon is my wife's great great grandmother and is probably Sir Huw's grandfather's sister. My wife's maiden name is Anne Stanley Jones of Rhosgadfan. Any help with a 'link' would be appreciated.

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