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John Morgan, business man with a Welsh connection!

John Morgan

Wealthiest man in the world in 1900.
Connection: Descended from Miles Morgan, along with brothers, John and James, who were born in Wales to Welsh parents.

comment by:MoneyTorks
In 1636 they sailed from Bristol to Boston, Mass. Miles was one of the founders of Springfield, Mass. settling there. His descendants include Junius S. Morgan, father of John Pierpont Morgan. Father and son were both Financiers and Bankers dominating American and global finance from the 1880's till death of the later in 1913. J.P. Morgan. J.P. Morgan founded U.S. Steel Corp., the first Billion dollar Corporation in the world. He loaned gold to the United States Government in 1895 allowing the government to avoid a financial crisis. In 1900 he was considered to be the wealthiest man in the world.

comment by:Angusm
My great Grandfather was supposed to be J.P. Morgan's secretary. His name was James Morrison and JP signed his Naturalisation certificate in 1890. Does anyone have any more information on James Morrison who was born in 1844 in Scheswig Holstein Denmark? His original name was Napthali Hirsch Levy.

comment by:PaisleyFirefly
I am looking for a great-great grandson who was born in 1950, can anyone help me?