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Sir Kyffin Williams, artist with a connection to Wales (Anglesey)

Sir Kyffin Williams

Influential artist. He is also an RSA.
Connection: Born and lives on Anglesey.
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kyffin williams ra (b. 1918) is the central figure in contemporary welsh painting and this book, the first monograph to be published on the artist, examines the full range of his work from the mid-1940s to the present day. from the outset of his career, kyffin williams took both the landscape and the people of north wales as his subjects, and he has remained faithful to them for almost sixty years.

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comment by:MindysMate
Has gained international fame and recognition for his landscapes of Snowdonia, Lleyn Peninsula and Anglesey (which tend to the 'dark and brooding') as well as his portrayals of the local rural people.

comment by:TwelvePounder
Without doubt one of Wales' leading living artists.

comment by:balaboy
Sir Kyffin Williams died in 2006