Cyril Ifold, artist with a Welsh connection!

Cyril Ifold

Much neglected painter of serious commitment to modern forms in paint.
Connection: Born, lived & worked in Wales

comment by:4ArtSake
Worked as a miner all his life, but through the understanding of his devoted wife and the fires of commitment that must have continued to burn despite hardship and disappointment, he has managed to leave a testament to the dignity Wales.

comment by:2genwelsh
I'm very happy to see Cyril listed here. His work is phenomenal! I was able to look through many of his paintings. I stayed in his home in 1988, his wife is my grandmother's sister. I am from New York. It was an experience I will never forget. I only wish I could have met him!

comment by:skygazer
Have you seen his sons art? Do you have anymore information on harl ifold?

comment by:ThePCF
I am trying to get in touch with the close family or descendants of Cyril Ifold. I work for a charity called the Public Catalogue Foundation in London and we would like to make contact with the family to obtain copyright permission to reproduce Cyril Ifold's work in our catalogues. Please could you contact the foundation if you can help.

comment by:lauraifold
It is nice to see such interest in the work of my late grandfather, who's work is amazing.

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