Goscombe John, artist with a Welsh connection!

Goscombe John

Any Offers?
Connection: Presumably related to Augustus and Gwen - any more?

comment by:BossMo
Part of the famous 'John' family - Does anyone have any more?

comment by:goscombe
I don't think that William Goscombe John and Augutus John are related.

comment by:Cityfan
W. Goscombe John (Born in Cardiff, 1860; ARA, 1899,RA , 1909) was a sculptor of world-wide renown and has pieces scattered all over the UK and as far away as Capetown. There are many statues in and around Cardiff and the National Museum has an extensive collection. William Goscombe John was not related to Augustus or Gwen John but apparently, while he was studying under Rodin he had a relationship with Gwen who was Rodin's model and mistress.

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