The Severn Bridge, crossing to Wales from England

    Tim Davies, artist with a connection to Wales (Swansea)

    Tim Davies

    World-wide acclaim. Uses contemporary Welsh subjects as his themes.
    Connection: From Swansea.
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    tim davies is one of the most exciting artists working in britain today. internationally exhibited and acclaimed he specialises in art which explores identity through artefacts - he has approached wales through wool, fire, oil-drenched seabird feathers, lead from the roof of a disused chapel. more exotically he has returned a tropical hardwood parquet floor to the belizean jungle from whence it came, laying the blocks among the trees where new plants now grow through them and termites erode them.

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    comment by:GoldenGirl
    You are a brilliant artist and I love all your work and I would like to see more of it. I am only fourteen years of age and I wish to see more of your work at the end of the year.

    comment by:Taglitelli
    Yes, Tim still lives in Swansea.

    comment by:TwelvePounder
    The work I've seen taps a great vein of Welsh history that often goes ignored. An artist delivering savagely well thought out contemporary conceptual art.

    comment by:barriejdavies
    Tim Davies is a hard working artist and as former student and friend he has inspired me.

    comment by:Popeye
    I am a big fan of Tim Davies and I have decided to do my art project on a Welsh artist on him.

    Tags: South Wales, Swansea