Twm Cati, adventurer with a Welsh connection!

Twm Cati

Highwayman and folk hero, a Welsh 'Robin Hood'.
Connection: Born in Wales.

comment by:LegendLeader
Known as the Welsh 'Robin Hood'. His name is used by a Welsh American society.

comment by:S.R.Evans
Was a farmer in the Tregaron (Ceredigion) area of Wales.

comment by:moonbeam
Please post more information about him , thank you!

comment by:JenSpell
Twm Sion Cati was a Welsh highwayman around about 1530 to 1620. He was born in Tregaron to John, the son of Dafydd ap Madog ap Howel Motheu and Catherine, the daughter of Meredydd ap Leuan. His real name was Thomas Jones.

link by: PeterErwlon
There is quite a lot of information about Twm Sion Cati on the web. This is just a start. Also visit Llandovery and see where he lived!

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