Henry Stanley, adventurer (found Dr Livingston) with a connection to Wales (St. Asaph, Denbigh, Denbighshire)

Henry Stanley

Went in search of (and found) Dr Livingston. He carved out the Congo Free State, (Zaire) for King Leopold (II) of Belgium.
Connection: He was the illegitimate son of a Denbighshire housemaid.

comment by:ManhattenMan
Still has descendants living in the Denbigh area.

comment by:ZeroHour
Henry M. Stanley was born illegitimate in Denbigh in 1841. He went to sea as a cabin boy and was befriended by a man from New Orleans and later took his name. He later became a journalist. Whilst working for the New York Herald his editor ordered him to search for Dr. Livingston and as we know, he eventually found him.

comment by:realmcoy
His real name was John Rowlands and he was born at Llanrhaeadr near Denbigh.

comment by:livingstone
Can anyone help us with a copy of Stanley's signature?

comment by:LiteMeUp
If you want more information about Stanley's real background I'd recommend Martin Dugard's 'Into Africa'. It seems that his mother was the, er, woman of easy virtue while his father was the town drunk! (allegedly).

comment by:KenfigHill
Indeed Henry Morton Stanley is a Rowlands from Denbigh. I am related to him, being a Rowlands on my maternal side. The brother of my maternal grandfather was Stanley Rowlands in honor of his forebear. We are the South Wales branch of the Rowlands family.

comment by:theProfessor
He was brought up in St. Asaph Union work house, emigrated to the USA when he was fifteen.

comment by:parsnip
Heard today from my dear old friend who is 97 that she knew the family. Apparently the daughter who used to hang out in her teenage years with my friend died of cancer suddenly. Does any one else know about this?

link by: Walkday
All about Henry Morton Stanley
This page should give you a good background to the man.

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