Sian Phillips, actress with a connection to Wales (Pontardawe)

Sian Phillips

Livia in the BBC series 'I Claudius' and many other stage and screen roles.
Connection: Welsh speaker from Pontardawe?
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we oftern hear the term 'classic' used to describe tv and films but this 1976 series really fits the bill. an astounding production and sian phillips as livia is brilliant!

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comment by:WildOne
Sian Phillips lived in Garnant, near Ammanford.

comment by:ValueAdded
Links with Pontardawe (in school with my mum).

comment by:Morfydd
Did she also star in 'Dune' or was that another Sian Phillips? (you're right, she did - Ed).

comment by:neezyjones
I think she played Marlene Dietrich in a play about her life. Toured over the country with it.

comment by:mel290969
Sian phillips is from Cwmgors, near Pontardawe.

comment by:benw10
Probably our countries greatest female representative in the performing arts living or dead reduced to a few off the cuff remarks. Never mind brush up your Shakespeare!

comment by:hubahuba66
I worked with Sian in one of the BBC productions between 1965 to 1969, but more interestingly she worked with my sister Francesca Annis on Dune in Mexico, with sting et al.

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this is another movie where you can go star spotting, everyone from sting to patrick stuart appears! sian phillips of course is terrific as a sinister high priestess.

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