Sir Stanley Baker, actor with a Welsh connection!

Sir Stanley Baker

Distinguished acting career including films like 'Zulu', 'Sands of the Kalahari', 'Robbery' and 'Where's Jack?'. He was also the producer of 'The Italian Job' still one of the UK's favourite movies.
Connection: Born in Ferndale, Wales.
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comment by:StrikingGirl
Stanley Baker's ashes were scattered on the mountain in Ferndale, his birthplace. I know because I watched it from my aunty's window when I was seven!

comment by:PropsLady
I was close friends with a family whom I believe were Stanley Baker's brother, his wife and two daughters. I recall spending time with the family in North Wales before they moved to south west England in the mid 1960's. I lost touch some years later and would dearly like to find them again. Can anyone help?

comment by:Torrino
His company also produced 'The Italian Job' but he did not act in it.

comment by:PeterS
In 1980 I discovered I was Stanley Bakers half brother (Nicholas Paul Eastham/Baker). I have been living in New Zealand since 1966. If anyone can help me find living relatives I would be most appreciative. Please MessagePad me.

comment by:martyn
The last time I was with Stanley was when he was filming 'How green is my valley' he was with my family in Neath at my grandmothers house. I will never forget you . My mother still talks about him she is now Ninety-four.

comment by:PeterS
I discovered after Stanley Baker's death that I am his half brother! I emigrated to New Zealand from London in 1966. Does anyone know if he has any living relatives?

comment by:brychan
Was stanley baker born in wales? I can't find any record of his birth.

comment by:brychan
William Stanley Baker was born in 1928 not 1927 as most websites proclaim. He was the son of John Henry Baker and Elizabeth Louisa Locke who were born in Ferndale in the 1890's and married in 1918. I have traced both his father and mothers family back to the late 1700's, his grandfather William Hy Baker came from Bridgewater Somerset but before that the family hailed from the parish of Broomfield Somerset. Mike.

comment by:grannyg
Stanley baker was my second cousin. His mother and my grandfather were brother and sister. My father, his cousin, grew up together in Ferndale and went to the same school.

comment by:welshhustler
Stans sister lives in Brighton, England, his widow lives in London. He has family living in Newport Wales and his son has a film studio you might look on the web under Martin Baker.

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