Valerie Gearon, actress with a connection to Wales (Gwent)

Valerie Gearon

Television, films, West End and stage appearances.
Connection: Born Newport, Gwent.
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comment by:GoodGrant
My recollection is hazy but can advise that Valerie attended Newport St. Julian High School where her talent was recognised and she was introduced to Newport Playgoers and appeared with them at their Dock Street theatre. Subsequently trained at Bristol Old Vic Drama School and appeared at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre and Bristol Hippodrome. Also appeared in West End productions, TV and films. 'Nine Hours to Rama' is a film which comes to mind.

comment by:Gaby54
Does anyone know where Valerie is living now?

comment by:Nicola
Valerie Gearon is now living in Bath, England. She has two daughters.

comment by:Valerie2
My father John was Valerie's brother. I am intrigued about the comment about Valerie's schooling and the awareness there of her talent, this is a common family statement. I wonder whether the writer is related or perhaps went to school with Valerie, if so, would love to hear more.

comment by:Valerie2
Valerie Gearon died a few weeks ago (July 9th), with her family by her side. RIP Valerie

comment by:Astonp
Being an ex pill boy, I have lived in New Zealand since 1957. I was saddened to read of Valerie's death. I knew her in the early fifties and I have in front of me a picture of her at the Alice Street VE Day party. This is shown in the book Pillgwenlly, Newport again. My brother john and his wife are still with the playgoers and we have spent time at the theatre on our visits home.

comment by:Valerie2
I am intrigued by the comment from astonp, of New Zealand, especially the reference to a photo of Auntie Valerie. I would love further contact.

comment by:Astonp
Nice to hear from you valerie2. The Gearon's feature on several pages in the book. Can you let me have you address you may have them with pleasure.

comment by:Valerie2
Well, how wonderful astonp. I have contacted the webmaster and I am looking forward to hearing from you. My job (scientist) requires frequent media appearances and I often call forth the Gearon genes to get me through. In addition, my daughter, Ceinwen has a resemblance to Auntie Valerie. I am very interested in the history of my family and any pertinent information is gratefully received. All the best.

comment by:Bashful
Valerie two - I was alerted to this brilliant site recently by a friend who lives in Texas. We both went to school with Valerie, i.e. St. Julian's, although my friend also went to junior school with her.

We were all very good friends until Valerie left school earlier than us and after a while we drifted apart. If you'd like to correspond with me I'd be happy to do so although we lost touch in the mid 1950s.

comment by:EvadGovier
I am a relative of the late Fred Gearon who married my aunt Lilly. Fred died 1988 and Lilly on 12th October 2004. I have three old publicity photos of Valerie plus a little other stuff and a copy of Jane Austin's Persuasion in which Valerie plays fourth lead.

comment by:Valerie2
Fred Gearon was Valerie's (and my father's) uncle. There is a story that he hit the front pages of the press when he married Lilly because she left her wealthy dentist husband for Fred. At around the same time, so I have been told, Valerie was divorced from Kit (I think) and Lee Remmick was cited as a third party. It also hit the news. The Gearons were very notorious for awhile, in a manner less than pleasing to my Grampa Gearon, apparently.

comment by:gowans
I am Nicola gowans valerie's daughter, I miss her very much my sister lived in Bath, England and I now live in Mougins, France, our father is in the USA. I love reading what others write about our mum she was a wonderful lady with so much to offer. We miss her and please keep writing I find it comforting to read about her life and who knew her

comment by:CarriKP
I remember seeing Valerie on stage in Bristol Old Vic productions and I was thinking how marvellous she was.

comment by:Valerie2
To Nicola, my mum, who knew Valerie well, speaks with great fondness of your mother as did my dad. It sounds to me like they all had great fun many years ago. I have left a private message for you on the MessagePad. I would love further contact. Your mother was very talented, and very beautiful, as was my Dad. These Gearon genes are quite. singular. We watch films with Valerie in them and notice family resemblances.

comment by:CarriKP
Did Valerie and Lee ever become friends? I know Lee Remick moved to London after marrying Kip Gowans. I read a review of Valerie's performance as the jilted Mary Boleyn in 'Anne of the thousand days' - it was made in 1969, the year before the divorce and the review said that Valerie portrayed vividly a sense of anger and betrayal! I wondered if there was a connection.

comment by:democrat
I stumbled upon this website while "googling" one of my favourite films, 'Nine hours to Rama' My family is from India and I had always thought that Valerie made a radiant, lovely Indian in that fine film. I was saddened to learn of her passing in 2003. I wish I had known her so that I could tell her how much I loved her performance. May she rest in peace. I'll miss her.

comment by:ghostriders
Valerie was my dear friend's mother. It sounds like a plot from a rubbish movie, but Valerie and her daughters were extremely kind to me after my father died when I was a teenager.

I went to school with one of her daughters and when my father died, they took me under their wings so to speak. I was very sad to read that she has died. I unfortunately lost touch with my lovely friend, but will always be grateful for her support and friendship and the kindness of her family.

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