Lee Evans, actor with a connection to Wales (Rhyl, North Wales)

Lee Evans

Stand up comedian, also starred in 'Funny Bones', 'Mouse Hunt' along with numerous cameo roles in movies such as 'Fifth Element'. He's also starred in his own sitcom!
Connection: Father Dave from Rhyl, North Wales.

comment by:ForReal
Is his father Welsh then? - Ed

comment by:Joanne
I know that his grandfather is Welsh as he spoke about him when he played Cardiff.

comment by:Mark6Randal
I thought your sketch about married couples in the car was fantastic!

comment by:Harryk9
His father was also a stand up comedian Dave Evans from North Wales.

comment by:niknak147
Outstanding! Funniest man alive! No doubt about it

comment by:moogmoog12
He is without a doubt the most georgous man alive!


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