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Bette Davis | Actress with a Welsh roots!

Bette Davis

Bette Davis one of the finest actress' of all time. Winner of two Oscar's for 'Jezebel' and 'Dangerous'. Most will know her from 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?'.

Connection: Bette Davis has Welsh connections from here father Harlow Davies whose family hail from Wales. She even visited Wales when in Britain acting to trace her family roots.
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bette davis, a soured but still resplendent stage diva, who takes eve under her wing. davis heartily loathed fellow actress celeste holm who (ironically enough) plays her best friend. she fell in love with another co-star, the handsome, good-looking gary merrill, whom she later married. backstage dramas are often self-indulgent and stagy affairs, but this one dazzles.
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She thought Wales was beautiful.

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davis plays a swinging socialite, living the fast life of booze, smokes and--with the help of humphrey bogart as her irish stableman--raising thoroughbred horses. when a brain tumour starts giving her headaches and eroding her vision, she falls in love with her surgeon (george brent), who grows more determined than ever to cure her. davis gives one of her most vibrant performances and her costars also include ronald reagan and geraldine fitzgerald. the film received oscar nominations for best picture, best actress and for max steiner's score. --jim emerson, amazon. co. uk

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never had davis been so convinsing at being a spoilt cow as she is in this wonderfull melodrama of the 1930's. henry fonda is almost equally as good, playing davis's fiance. jealousy, rage, wickedness and moral honour give this film a truely memorable flavour of the middle classes of the period. watch out for the 'red dress' scene its painfully powerfull. a great film and made even better by a excellent performance from an oscar winning davis --amazon. co. uk

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bette davis,a fascinating portrait that redefines one of hollywood?s most misunderstood legends.

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