Trystan Gravelle, actor with a connection to Wales (Llanelli, South Wales)

Trystan Gravelle

Various performances on stage and screen including small parts in 'A Way of Life', and on TV in the series 'Chosen'. Trystan is a member of the RSC and has worked with Peter Gill and numerous theatrical dirctors.
Connection: From South Wales, Welsh speaker. Member of National Youth Theatre of Wales and Llanelli Youth Theatre.

comment by:ilurveTrystan
He is so very hot and I love him!

comment by:EstelSeren
He's a really talented actor and an inspiration for me. He was amazing in 'Chosen' and I loved his 'Benvolio' too. Was really surprised to see him in 'A470' and he was rather impressive in that too! I can't wait to see him as 'Lysander' in a midsummer night's dream in February! He's very good looking too, of course!

comment by:katedamon
He's very convincing, I thought he was so funny, good job!

comment by:TrystansNo1Fan
I think he's great! Definitly the best and most talented actor in the world. I loved his Lysander last year and his 'William' in as you like it was so funny. I'm taking drama for gcse next year and he's certainly been a great inspiration for me. I can't wait to see what he does in the future. I'm sure he'll only keep getting better!

comment by:TrystansNo1Fan
Does anyone happen to know when trystan's birthday is?

comment by:daffygirl
Trystan is from Trimsaran, a small village in South Wales situated about four miles from Llanelli. He still has family living in the village.


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