Rhys Ifans, actor with a connection to Wales (Ruthin, North Wales)

Rhys Ifans

Numerous film appearances including 'Little Nicky', 'The Replacements', 'Notting Hill' and 'Twin Town'.
Connection: From Ruthin, North Wales.

comment by:SisterAct
Also in 'Rancid Aluminium', 'Human Nature' and 'You're Dead'. His birthday is on July 22. He's a Cancer in the western horoscope. He starred with his brother Lyr in Twin Town. He live in the Pimlico District of London in a one bedroom Apartment

comment by:RacyLady
Rhys is very hot, and I absolutely loved him in 'Little Nicky'! Any country that can produce such an interesting and sexy person is cool with me!

comment by:WilliamHuw
I think Rhys used to live in Ruthin, North Wales. I believe he attended a youth theatre group at Theatre Clwyd in Mold, North Wales. His mother was a primary school teacher in Denbigh north Wales.

comment by:vicjayne
Rhys Ifans and his brother Llyr are from Ruthin, North Wales. Their mother lives there and is a tutor.

comment by:katabeth
Rhys changed his last name from Evans to Ifans, just to be difficult and different.

comment by:WelshWench
Rhys changed his name from Evans to Ifans because centuries ago that's what the family name would have been. There is no letter V in the Welsh language hence all the F and FF you will see. He is a mean harmonica player and singer also. I will always remember him pulling his harmonica out and playing it and the school band and orchestra jamming with him whilst we were doing rehearsals of Nia Ben Aur. Fantastic. He is a thoroughly nice guy. Lots of respect, love and peace right at you Rhys if you ever read this.

comment by:The_Jim
Rhys Ifnas also was in Beautiful Mind with that horrific actor that claims the heritage from his father, none other than Russell Crowe but, who got the Oscar?

comment by:sexymily
I think that Rhys Ifans was really good and so funny in 'Noting Hill'. He is definitely Welsh, listen to his accent.

comment by:JackieB
I think that Rhys Ifans is very sexy and I would love to meet him one day. I heard that he has a very gorgeous girlfriend so I am very cheesed off!!

comment by:marifach
Rhys is originally from Hermon, Pembrokeshire, then the family moved to Rhuthun.

comment by:rhys_ifans_fan
I am possibly the youngest Rhys Ifans fan at only fourteen years of age but I saw him in 'Little Nicky' and just loved him! My mates think I'm mad but he is a great actor he deserves an award. He is funny in 'Notting Hill' and I love him in the replacements how cool is he? He is also so hot!

comment by:OceanCloud
Rhy Ifans is from Ruthin, North Wales and his mother was a dinner lady at Pentrecelyn which is near Ruthin.

comment by:rhyslover101
Rhys is a very sexy man he's a very good actor, I hope to meet him some day!

comment by:Ynysygwas
Born in Haverfordwest, like Christian Bale. Wouldn't it be great if Rhys played a baddy in a new Batman film! He'd make a great Riddler.

comment by:hubahuba66
Sue Roderick (Melisa Annis mother) was also in Twin Towers.

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