Russell Davies, actor with a connection to Wales (Swansea)

Russell Davies

A successful writer and producer of TV shows. His work includes 'Touching Evil', 'Queer as Folk' and 'Mine all Mine'. An Oxford graduate, his television career began when he enrolled on a Director's Course at the Beeb although he had some experience with theatre whilst living in Swansea. His extensive folio includes much loved british standards such as Coronation Street and, you guessed it, Doctor Who!
Connection: Born in Swansea.
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comment by:powysgh
Fans might see a conection here, Russell wrote the religious fantesy 'The Second Coming' staring Christopher Eccleston. Eccleston of course was the first of the 'new' incarnations of Doctor Who. Russell also worked on the BBC version of Casanova starring David Tenant who just happens to be the second incarnation of our favourite time traveller. Iincidentally, 'Doctor Who' is now produced by BBC Wales, maybe one of his incarnations will one day be Welsh too!

comment by:Rogertheartist
Russell was born in Sketty, went to Olchfa, and in the first episode of BBC's "Torchwood", the first death was in Llangyfelach Lane.

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Official Website
Great site for fans of russell and anyone interested in any of the shows he's written and produced.


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