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Ioan Gruffudd, actor with a connection to Wales (Cardiff)

Ioan Gruffudd

Many film appearances including 'The Fantastic Four', 'Titanic', '102 Dalmatians' and on TV as 'Horatio Hornblower'.

Connection: Born in Cardiff, speaks Welsh.
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comment by:SilverLady
A very fine actor with tremendous talent, for someone in their late twenties. He simply improves as he gains life experience. Each character he portrays is very thought out and offers many facets to keep the viewer interested. Very intelligent actor. Nice looking too

comment by:TezMezzo
Have been following his career since Horatio Hornblower in 1999 a very charismatic and talented young man. Frustrating that his video's are hard to get in the US. Looking forward to more of his work.

comment by:MindysMate
Attended Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf in Cardiff

comment by:RangeFinder
Ioan is a great ambassador for Wales, his acting is supreme. Iechyd da! Ioan

comment by:HigherFlyer
Recently did a documentary about the Titanic and the Welsh hero who went back to save more lives, the original hero was born in Deganwy North Wales.

comment by:sianjj
First role was as Gareth Wyn Harries (son of Reg Harries, played by Huw Ceredig). The Pobol y Cwm website used to has a clip of him aged about fourteen looking quite different to how he does now. Producer who 'discovered' him is Glenda Jones who also gave Jan Anderson her first break.

comment by:botticelli*mus
Beautiful handling of expression, movement. Ioan is a talented conductor of character and breathing life and passion into that character. Gorgeous as well, I might add.

comment by:silverblaze
Ioan Gruffudd is a very handsome actor I first seen him as fifth officer Lowe and fell in love with him there and then He is the definitive Hornblower Well done Ioan.

comment by:Ioanluver
He lived in Aberdare until he was eight when he moved to Cardiff. On his first day of his new primary school in Cardiff he wore woollen trousers, apparently they were all the rage in Aberdare at the time!

comment by:hornyforioan
What a wonderful actor. Puts a hundred and ten percent into everything he does. Such a gorgeous, down to earth, handsome man. Wish him well in what ever he does.

comment by:Eironwen
Ioan is an extremely nice young man whose mum handles his fan mail (with great kindness and efficiency! ). Cast and crew and even extras who worked on 'Hornblower' say he is a very likeable young man, not 'star-like' at all. He was made a druid at the National Eisteddfod in 2002 and is notorious for winning a prize at the Eisteddfod as a child, for his rendition of 'the pancake song'!

comment by:stitch
He's a perfect role model and a fine actor. I hope to star in many films with him!

comment by:EstelSeren
A very talented actor and a very nice young man!

comment by:Liddyrene
Hello from the USA! My name is Iidia and I am a Ioanite golden, meaning that I am older than anyone who is a fan of his. I maybe wrong and if so, please feel free to contact me! Anyway, it was the Hornblower series that first got my attention to Ioan! What a gifted actor he is!


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link by: Ioanluver
Ioan Gruffudd Home Page
Unofficial site with loads of info. Join the forum and talk about him to loads of really nice ladies(LOTF) and get more info. Site created by Admiral April.