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Ivor Emmanuel, actor with a connection to Wales (Pontrhydyfen, Port Talbot)

Ivor Emmanuel

Singer and actor of note.
Connection: Born in Pontrhydyfen, near Port Talbot, Wales.
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comment by:Wellington
Ivor is my fathers brother, we now live in New Zealand. Ivor lives in Spain, very happily retired

comment by:LiteMeUp
In response to the person who wanted info about Ivor he is, like me, living on the Costa Del Sol, but is known as a bit of a recluse around these parts. Also living here is Sian Hopkins who used to appear on his TV shows, I believe.

comment by:QuizMe
I remember Ivor Emannuel so well My father would not let you speak when he was on. A friend claims he died several years back. Is this so?

comment by:RoverRanger
I am Ivor's younger brother. I have lived in New Zealand since 1963. He lives in Spain consequently we have seen each other only three times in thirty-eight years. we are in touch by phone quite regularly.

comment by:BetterHalf
We just purchased 'The Best of Ivor Emmanuel' CD. Absolutely love it and have almost worn it out. My mother is from Cwmgwrach in the Vale of Neath. I was born in Brampton, near Carlisle, England, and I am very proud of my Welsh and English heritage. (My Welsh friends say they will forgive me for being half English!) I now live in Eastpointe, Michigan, in the USA.

comment by:TechnoMan
Ivor was born within a 'spit' of Richard Burton. This is noted on a plaque commemorating this fact in the town of Pontrhydyfen (Near Port Talbot).

comment by:biggemma
When was Ivor born? Is he still alive? I think he lives in Spain - Ed.

comment by:Dorian
Does anyone remember Gwlad y Gan transmitted from the Pontcanna TV studios in Cardiff?

comment by:peterkg
I would like to contact Ivor Emmannuel if anyone (e.g., his relatives in New Zealand) could provide an address that I could write to. My father Denis Griffiths (d. 2001) sang with Ivor on the popular TWW series 'Land of Song' / 'Gwlad y Gan' from 1958- 1964. I'd love to here Ivor's own memories of that time.

comment by:Dancer
I worked with Ivor in many shows in England when I was a professional dancer there, I always thought he was a charming person and a great singer and wondered what happened to him and if he married or had children?

comment by:JSully
Is it possible that there is only one CD of the Greatest Base Baritone? Are their any other recordings of his wonderful voice?

comment by:wendy7
Ivor knew my grandmother's friend Sal very well and was often at her house where I met him when I was about twelve years old. He was a lovely man and I would love to get in touch to talk about old times. Is it possible?

comment by:ScottWhitehead
I would like to send my best wishes to Ivor Emmanuel and also to Sian Hopkins if they are still in Spain. I'm related to Norman Whitehead, Director of Music for TWW at the time of 'Land of Song'. Norman, as you will know is long deceased but his wife, Eileen is still alive and well. She sends her best wishes with fond memories of the 1960's and Land of Song. Incidentally, I nominated Ivor recently as on of the greatest Welshmen. The only singer who could frighten off the Zulu army with his rendition of Men of Harlech!

comment by:Valentino
Ivor is alive and well on the Costa Del Sol. I see him most weeks taking life slow and easy.

comment by:fforwchdwm
I have an old book in the house given to me by my late piano teacher. It is inscribed to him from Ivor in 1951. My piano teachers name was Sydney Jones from Pontrhydyfen. I was wondering if anyone knew them and if it was the Ivor Emmanuel who inscribed the book?

comment by:emeraldsong
Ivor Emmanuel first came to my attention years ago in a fine recording of 'The Pirates of Penzance,' starring the famous Martyn Green. Recorded about 1966. Ivor sang the tenor role as well, maybe better, as any tenor has on any of the many recorded versions.

He also recorded several shows including 'The King and I' and, with other singers, a collection of Ivor Novello songs. A wonderful, sincere and musical singer, who deserved even bigger stardom.

Look for his old records second-hand, such as on e-bay. Well-worth the search. Bravo, Mr. Emmanuel!

comment by:cherehunter
I was a member of the Pontcanna Children's Choir who were on 'Land of Song' with Ivor. He was a lovely man and so kind to us children, there were about a dozen of us. They were such happy years. I was on the programme for years, possibly because my dad knew Norman Whitehead, the Musical Director quite well! My father was Frank James, who was principal tenor with the Welsh National Opera for fourteen years.

comment by:gerry239
Sadly Ivor died died in Span on 16th July 2007. There was a beautiful programme about is life on BBC2 Wales. A lovely tribute to a true Welshman who never forgot his roots.

comment by:Rafferty
Did ivor ever present the popular quiz show Mr and Mrs which I believe was transmitted on TWW or HTV

comment by:hubahuba66
I worked on Mr and Mrs on HTV West I believe if memory serves, that the master of ceremonies was Allan Taylor.

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South Wales, Port Talbot