Max Boyce, media personality with a connection to Wales (Neath)

Max Boyce

Beloved Welsh comedian and singer with a string of TV appearances and LP records.
Connection: Born and raised in Glyneath.
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duw it's hard, ten thousand instant christians and outside-half factory just a few of the all time greats from the 'boyce wonder'.

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comment by:FeelGood
Great comedian, where could I buy his tapes and videos? Mother bought me a tape for my 12th Birthday in 1981, why? No idea, but have been a fan ever since.

comment by:Flagship
My dad is Max Boyce's third cousin.

I thought for a second that Max was not on the site, being a Taff living in England listening to Max Boyce helps to keep me sane.

comment by:boycey
Can anyone tell me how to find out if I am related to Max. My granddad was born in the south and it's something I would like to find out for him.

comment by:taff,raf
Max Boyce was born and still lives in Glyn Neath, his house backs on to Glyn Neath RFC. I once stayed in a hotel in Cardiff and we had to evacuate due to a fire alarm, Max Boyce was also there and kept us entertained with a few songs. Legend.

comment by:daimaxboyce
Boycey, please contact me if you want any Boyce family history. I have compiled the Boyce history of South Wales and Somerset where our great grandparents originated from. I have the info of Max's family here and will only confirm if related. Dave Boyce.

comment by:daimaxboyce
Keep up the good work in 2006 Max, Cardiff with Treorchy Male Voice Choir and also Pontypridd Park in the summer. Loads will be there!

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see max in action at the sydney opera house during the 2003 world cup.

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link by: daimaxboyce
Boyce Genealogy Website
This is my Boyce Genes website. I have been compiling info and data for over a year and have been in contact with many Boyce families and relatives. I have genealogy info of Boyce families throughout South Wales and Somerset where our relatives came from.

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