Cilla Black (Joost Evers / Anefo)


Singer with a Welsh connection!

Very many UK TV appearances. Hosted UK version of Blind Date. Highly successful singer with chart success throughout her early career. Major hit with 'Step inside love'.

Priscilla Maria Veronica White was born on the 27th May 1943, raised in a musically oriented household in Liverpool, England with both parents and three brothers. It's said she was often encouraged to practice her innate singing talent by performing to her family. Cilla received a special BAFTA award for her contribution to entertainment and also the first Royal Television Society ‘Legends’ Award recognising fifty years in the television business.

The official Cilla Black website states: "On 1 August 2015, to the shock of the Nation it was announced that Cilla had died at her holiday home in Spain aged just 72. Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Paul O’Grady, Bruce Forsyth and Prime Minister David Cameron were among friends, colleagues in the entertainment industry and politicians who expressed their sorrow at Cilla’s untimely death."



Cilla is a famous Liverpudlian and had a close association with the Beatles.

COMMENT BY: admirer

Can any knowledgeable fan/admirer of Cilla Black (Priscilla White) please let me know if she has a daughter called Leanne who lives in Wales? Thanks.

COMMENT BY: sitch11

Can anybody tell me what Cilla Blacks mothers maiden name was?

COMMENT BY: LyndaCraig

I believe that I am related to Cilla Black on my mother's side. I was sent to Australia under the child migrant scheme in 1955. My sister also says we are related to Cilla. Can anyone help me to contact her? Please use the MessagePad service.

COMMENT BY: Menthol_monkey

No she doesn't have a daughter named Leanne. She gave birth to a baby girl in the 1970's but she died shortly after. Cilla has three sons. My Nan's her mate.

COMMENT BY: shoeshine

Was Cilla Black's father in the Far East during the war?

COMMENT BY: sugarbabe

I'm doing a project on Cilla at school but I don't have all the information I need. Can anyone help?

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